Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Trifle Cake

Isn't this so fun and patriotic? I mean, come on, what could be better than Old Glory, lots of fresh strawberries and blueberries, and creamy, dreamy trifle? And, yes, I was corrected by almost every member of my family saying I didn't have enough stripes. Oh well! It was delicious anyway!
Now, I call this the Fourth of July Trifle Cake, but it's been called All-American Dessert and American Flag Snickers Cake. You read that right. It has Snickers in it. Now are you interested? Here's the link to the amazingly easy recipe. Oh, and I made it with fresh whipped topping (as in, I made it myself from whipping cream. Just beat up two pints and add some powdered sugar and vanilla to taste).
So, go get your patriotic on while you still have a few blessed hours free of work (hopefully)!


Rachel Ellis said...

Yum! Lucky family. :)

Amy Foster said...

Oh, that looks so good! You're such a cute mom!