Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I've Been Up To

I've been working hard on a project that I was very anxious to post on here, but it's just taking me so long that I thought I should give a little preview. Here's a picture of my kitchen before I got started. It's all pretty outdated and definitely needed some paint. Well, I'd been reading online about this amazing woman that has almost the same kitchen design that I have and she painted all of her cupboards white. It turned out SO pretty! So I thought I'd copy her. Problem being that I had NO idea how much work it would be! My hubby went out of town for a week and I had these grand ideas of surprising him when he got home with a pretty black table and white cupboards. This is the other side of my kitchen. Can you tell I have little kids? Lots of fun magnets all over the fridge!

Here's everything emptied out and with no doors.

Well, since I had to take everything out, I had to have some place to put it all. My house has never been so messy! I stored everything in the hallway, living room, pretty much anywhere I could cram stuff.

To be honest, I hated it at this point. There were a lot of tears every time I talked to my husband at night during this stage. I just knew I wouldn't finish it in time and what on earth was I going to do if it all looked horrible when I finished!

Yep. Still hating it.

But I kept pushing forward. Here are the shelves.

And then he came home! I was super sad that I didn't finish it before he got home, but then I was really glad to have his help for those bottom cupboards. I really hated those cupboards.

And here it is as it stood yesterday. I still need to finish a couple other shelves so I can put those pots and pans on the counter away. And, yes, it was spaghetti night.

Here's the other side. See those two cupboards on the bottom? That's where I still need to put in shelves.

But the best part are my new shelves next to my window. I love having a place to put some pretty plants! It just helps to add a little more color to my world. How odd that just adding a little greenery can brighten things up so much!

So this is where we stand right now. I still need to paint 7 drawers and 27 doors, add new hardware, and then finish all the clean up stuff, but I really do like it so much more now. Looking at the before pictures, I can honestly say that I LOVE it! And I fully plan on posting more pictures as soon as I finish the whole project, so keep posted!


Nicole said...

Oh it is going to be wonderful! I think it is going to look so bright and summery! I'm so glad you posted pics. I love looking at this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

I know it's a ton of work, but is is coming out so NICE! Keep up the great work, and it will be totally worth it in the end.

And from a husband's view (I've been one for 15 years), we really don't mind this kind of surprise, either.

DeborahPhotography said...

Wow, look at this blog. I've wanting to see your projects. your so amazing.