Saturday, June 19, 2010

Entertainment Center

Remember that entertainment center I was working on? Well, it's finished. Isn't it so beautiful?! I still need to do some more decorating on it, but for now, I'm in heaven!!! I got all my baskets from Target. And can I just tell you how wonderful it is to have REAL STORAGE now?! Everything doesn't have to sit on the floor or on my fireplace!
I love these little flowers on the wall! I think it looks so much better than my Sacred Grove pictures. I still have those up down the hallway, but it's just not quite so dark now above the tv. If you haven't seen these little flowers, they're 3D and amazingly beautiful! They give just a little bit more depth to the room without being overbearing.
So what do you think? I LOVE it!!!

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Erin said...

I have to tell you- I saw this entertainment center on HGTV's 'Splurge and Save' this week. The designer said it was one of the splurges for the room and cost a couple thousand! Yours looks every bit as good. I'm even more impressed!