Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outdoor Showers

*Warning -- this post will contain nudity -- of the Barbie kind ;)*

I was looking at this really fun website this morning and decided I had to try this. I'll post the instructions here. The link just takes you to her website with lots of other REALLY fun ideas for little kids.

Start with a container (she recommends using a coffee tin. I tried to use a #10 can, but I couldn't find one, so our cotton candy containers worked just great instead)

Hammer some holes into the bottom. I just used a nail I had lying around.
Wrap some twine around the top. (If I had used a #10 can, I would have poked holes through the top instead so I could attach my twine handle.)
Attach a twine handle as long as you want it.
Hang it on your favorite tree and fill it with water. You can't see it very well right here, but the water is pouring out like a fun shower. I made two to hang on my tree.
And then give Barbie a shower in the backyard.
My kids were a little timid at first, but once they actually tried it, they didn't want to even bother getting in their swimsuits. That would just take way too much time away from the fun!
I think that if I were to do this again, I would prefer the #10 cans. They would've been a little bit bigger. Also, I would have poked bigger holes so more water could come through.
I'm linked up with this party!

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