Saturday, June 19, 2010

Girly's Room Accessories

Here's the fun braided rug for Abby's room. I LOVE how it turned out!
And how could you possibly get any better than this over-the-top girly lamp? For this, I just bought a cheap lamp and lampshade from Walmart and a bunch of flowers that I really liked that matched the room. Then, pull the plastic parts off of the flowers, but try to maintain the shape of them. Then just hot glue the flowers all the way around the shade.

Here's a great video for how to do the braided rag rug. My biggest recommendation is that you roll up your fabric to start. Your arms will get really tired and it will drive you mental. Trust me. Especially if your rags keep getting tangled. But it's worth it -- for a little one. Oh, and to finish, I just spun the whole thing into my rug shape, then took a needle and thread and sewed the rows together.

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