Saturday, June 19, 2010

TV Room clean up

Our basement is still unfinished, and so that naturally lends itself to being messy. We've been using it anyway since we can't fit 6 people comfortably in our house without it! Here's a picture of our tv room that REALLY needed some help! I decided enough was enough and that it was time to finally build an entertainment center to help clean things up a little. I'll be posting about this in a few different posts since it's been a bunch of stages for us.

Here's the scary before picture. See why we needed to do something so badly? I just love Chuck, don't you? Much nicer to watch than my ugly, out of control tv room!

Here we go. The hubby and I started by building the tv stand. While he was working on that, I got to work on the cubbies. I'll post the link to the plans at the end of the post so you can build your own, too!

Better view of the cubby on top of the base.

The tv stand. I love that everything now has it's own place!

Here are the plans. They're from a website called If you haven't discovered Ana, you're in for a real treat! She is amazing and helps so many people build the furniture of their dreams! Keep posted and you'll get to see the whole entertainment center come together!

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