Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kitchen Window Treatments

So I really want to do something huge with my kitchen right now. This is the best picture I could show you of what it kinda looks like right now. Well, without the mess. Wait, come to think of it,...never mind.

Here's my goal list of what I want to do:
Paint all the cabinets white. A beautiful bright white.
Put on all new black hardware everywhere.
Put some shelves next to the sink window so I can grow some fresh herbs.
Figure out a better way to store all of my random appliances (like the mixer, toaster, blender, and food processor).
Put up some beautiful window treatments.

Long term goals would be getting all new cabinets and getting a granite countertop. But that's not in the budget for a LONG time, so I'm looking to do what I can for cheap. I mean seriously cheap.

For this post, I kinda want to focus on my dream window treatments. I found this website my friend posted on Facebook that I'm really liking right now. It's called Houzz.com. They had a post a little while ago all about window treatments and I just love these ones!

interior design by Norman Design Group: Phil Norman, ASID CID - Kitchen traditional kitchen

This above one would be for my sink window. I have been leaning toward more reds and browns in my kitchen, so I think these colors would look really nice, too.

Designer Kitchens

This would be for my "dining room" window. I love the floor to ceiling look of these curtains. I'd just change the color, of course. Probably to something deep red or brown. I'm not sure.

Anyway, keep posted and I'll keep you updated on what we decide! I think I'll start out my list by painting the cabinets and getting new hardware. Then I'll hit my favorite fabric store -- Home Fabrics -- for some fun fabrics for curtains. Now, if only I could figure out a way to tie in the counter top with the white cabinets so it doesn't look horrible while we're waiting to put in granite...Any ideas?

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sarahjean said...

Your cabinets look like they would be really nice white, good detail in them. We painted ours white and I have regretted it since (only a little- i hated the oak)
(husband works for sherwin williams) A few things I learned: don't use oil paint, it yellows when not in sunlight, bad. Use a latex paint, although that is more likely to chip (with 4 kids, it's happened a lot here) Do it very carefully, taking a lot of time to do it. Doing it quick will look shoddy..
Anyways, for me, If i did it again, I would buy factory made white cabinets. And if I couldn't afford that (which i couldn't) I would paint it another color besides white. (white walls, khaki cabinets)
Sorry for the way long comment. But my cabinets have been on my mind lately. I have floor to ceiling curtains that I made out of a drop cloth, cost about 25 dollars and it looks great...I can't wait to see after pics!