Saturday, June 26, 2010

Computer Desk

I really wish I could call this my office, but it's really just a tiny little corner of the wall.

This is, however, where I spend most of my time. Hence the reason it always ends up looking like this -- even after I try cleaning it! Does your desk just ever end up being a catch all? I HATE that so much! It always feels so cluttered and cramped. Well, in order to conquer this mess, I needed some help. Meet my IKEA storage boxes. I love these little guys. I got them in three different sizes. The link is just for the big ones.
My biggest bane was the annoying chords that goes to everything! I used to just have these things tucked away underneath my desk and every time I'd let the baby play on the floor, he'd head straight for these.
I started by just planning on shoving them all into a box and putting a lid on them, but then I realized that wouldn't work very well when I actually needed to get one out.

So, along came my little girls' elastics. I wrapped up all the chords, put an elastic on them and tucked them in the box. Much nicer. Sorry the picture is so bad of the elastics bag. At least you can see how nice the box looks now.

And here it is all cleaned up! We got a new printer for free when we got my husband's new Macbook, so we decided to give the old one to a friend of mine and put the new one on the side of the computer desk instead -- right on top of the big IKEA storage boxes. Oh, and those IKEA boxes are big enough to hold a hanging file folders, but I kinda wonder if IKEA has a special sized one that they want you to buy, because the ones I bought from Target didn't fit quite right (too long one way and too short the other). Oh well! I still like how much nicer it is anyway!
And I finally put a paper shredder right next to the desk. Much more useful here than in the other room or in the hallway. And, it'll help keep our identities safe and keep the paper clutter off the desk!

I really like how it looks for now. Long term, I'm kinda looking for something similar to this style over at Young House Love. I love how they made their desk out of a hollow door. I could pull that off. And my hubby really wants a desk that's big enough for two computers since he's wanting to get another desktop somewhere down the road. Then it would help to free up the look above the desk, too. If I had a real office, I'd love this one from Potter Barn and Knock Off Wood, but I sadly don't have enough room for something like that. least it's fun daydreaming, right?

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