Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tryed and tried, but not quite right

Another beautiful Knock Off Wood project! We really needed some side tables in our tv room, but I'm still too cheap to buy any and I couldn't find any good ones on KSL, so I built one of Ana's beautiful designs! This is called the Tryde Side Table. It's based on one you can find at Pottery Barn for $199!!! I, naturally, would NEVER spend that kind of money on something like this, so I built one instead. It cost $20 and only took about two hours to finish. Much better.

Here's the table after I finished sanding it.
Staining the whole bottom.
The finished table!

So, I love it, but there's a problem. It doesn't match the big area rug I bought for the tv room!!! So now I have to re-stain it! Oh well, it's beautiful and fun anyway. I'll post the pictures with the corrected color later!
Oh, and here's the link to build your own!

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