Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

I know everyone else is already done with school for the year, but here in our little desert oasis, school is still going strong. (Actually, we're down to the last four days of school. Hooray to almost be done!!!) I always like to give a teacher appreciation present the last day of school. This year, I found this pretty little medallion to attach to a present for my oldest daughter's teacher. Isn't it fun?! They just had the ribbons glued to the back of theirs and it looked a little unfinished for me (call me a perfectionist), so I glued an extra circle to the back. In all honesty, I had messed up and had to print out two copies of this because I kept messing it up in photoshop, so this was an extra of the middle circle of the medallion just turned around so you just see the white. Oh, and I printed this whole thing on cardstock. I wanted it a little bit stronger than just plain paper.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer break!

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