Saturday, June 19, 2010


So along with the new carpet, we wanted to redo our kitchen floor. Here's the only picture I could find with the wonderful *cringe* old linoleum. I promise, my kitchen is not that messy. It was filled with some of the furniture from the rest of the house when we were recarpeting. Hence the changing table next to the kitchen table. Point being, look at that linoleum!!! Isn't it just AWFUL!!! You should see the corners where the whole thing was trying to rip up. At least those corners made for nice spots to start peeling, right? After they ripped up the carpet, I asked them to pull up the tile in the front doorway, too. Well, the whole thing needed to be re-leveled because of how the builder put the tile in. The guy that ripped up the tile to begin with was wonderful and put in new cement, but as it all dried, it created this crater right in the middle that needed to be fixed. Too bad the tile guy was out of town when we needed to get this whole thing done. So I headed off to Home Depot and got some self-leveling cement to fix the problem. Not too bad, I'd say!

Oh, and notice all those screws in the floor? Our house had HORRIBLE squeaks everywhere, so we decided to screw down floor boards when we had the carpet up. This hallway was the WORST, so it got the most screws. I love walking through a quiet house now!
Me hard at work on the laminate. Hmm...maybe I shouldn't post this picture. It's not very flattering.

Isn't the whole thing so beautiful together?! I still need to do baseboards through the whole house, but for now, this is what we have. I LOVE it!!!

A close up view of the beautiful laminate.

BTW, this laminate is the antique walnut from IKEA. Pretty sweet at $1.15/sq ft.

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Nicole said...

Your floor looks so good! Seriously!