Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Butterfly Chandelier

I love blogging. Not necessarily writing a blog as much as looking at everyone else's blogs. And I think my favorite part is what I call blog hopping. It's when you start on one blog and you end up jumping to another blog and then to another blog and so on and so on.

That's how I found this design idea. I'm kind of obsessed with things hanging from my kids ceilings right now. I'm not sure why. It kinda started with my oldest daughter's flower canopy, then went to a bug mobile for my baby, and now there's this one. It's a butterfly chandelier. At least that's what it's called. I think of it as more of a mobile for bigger kids. I have to be honest that I did not purchase this from the girl that designed this. I had no idea that she sold kits when I first saw the idea! I just saw a link to it from a link party over on one of the blogs I follow. But I guess she sells kits on her etsy shop that you can buy to do it. I just asked my mother in law to bust out her Cricut and cut out a ton of butterflies for me. Ironically enough, we ended up using the same paper and what looks to be the same cricut pattern (cartridge? design? What do you call those things?). I just used a smaller embroidery hoop and kept the rest pretty much the same. I'd actually recommend using the bigger one that she uses. But she calls for 15 yards of tulle. That's a lot of tulle! I think I only used like 2 yards. Maybe a little more. Maybe I just skimped, but I can't see where. Oh well!
If you like it, go check out the actual instructions on her website. And post it on your blog and send me the link so I can see it, too! Oh, and my in-laws told me they just went to the Parade of Homes around here and said that they saw this same thing in one of the bedrooms in one of those designer homes, but they liked mine more because it seemed more "airy" -- or something like that. See, blog hopping totally pays off!

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