Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Remember that beautiful brand new laminate we put down just a few months ago? Well, I wasn't as careful as I should have been when I was painting the kitchen cabinets, and so there were a few mishaps. Like when I didn't realize I had paint on my foot and I went chasing after a little one or something silly like that. You know, the normal kind of things that could happen to anyone.

Well, it meant I had more work to do once I finished my cabinets (which still aren't done, by the way. Don't ask. I'll just get mad again, but I promise to do a post about it as soon as they're all done -- if they ever get there!). I learned this cool trick from a neighbor do remove things off paint. Just grab some cotton balls and some rubbings alcohol and start rubbing away! I was kinda worried about it causing damage to the laminate, though, so I made sure to mop everything up once I finished so the rubbing alcohol couldn't stay on for too long (I know, I know. It's rubbing alcohol. It evaporates pretty quickly, but I was still paranoid!). Oh, and I also grabbed my trusty metal brownie spatula that I could use to scrape up the thick parts.
Cleaning up was hard work, but definitely worth it. You'll get to see the whole kitchen all beautiful and clean once I finally get my doors hung. I'm just anxiously trying to figure out how to fix my hinges everywhere right now. Once I get that problem solved, I'll get the doors up in no time, right?

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